Reliant Kore

The Reliant Kore

With the Reliant Kore, MISC adds to its already impressive lineup of ships, a smaller introductory-class spacecraft. Utilizing advanced Xi’An designs, the Reliant features broad, sleek wings, omni-directional thrusters and a fully-articulated two-seat cockpit that supports horizontal and vertical flight modes. All of this combines with a larger carrying capacity than many ships in its class to make the Kore a natural choice for short-range hauling, or with the simple addition of a few optional components, this can-do ship can do anything you dream of.

not so "mini" of an Hauler

A small, agile, wonder of technology. The Kore is one of a kind! With a cargo hold that can haul 30 SCU worth of cargo, this is the right ship for expedient small shipments. It’ll get the job done!

Technical Summary

Lenght (m)

Mass (kg)

TR1 Engines


Shield Size

Cargo Capacity

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